Series: Learn How To Use Our Website Like A Pro – Tip #6 View & Download Spec Sheets

East Coast Metal Distributors provides tools that you need to successfully complete a job. Start viewing and downloading specification sheets like a pro today! View and download specification, installation, warranty documents, consumer literature, and parts lists straight from our website or mobile app.

How to find Documentation or Specs online:

Step 1: Search and click on the the product that you need at

Step 2: Once you are on ANY product page you can scroll down to the tab section located at the bottom of the page. Select the Documentation or Specifications tab, depending on what you are looking for.

Our Specifications tab allows you to view the attributes of a specific product. Listed attributes include size, weight, stage, seer, and more. Our product information team provides this data to ensure the product you are purchasing is right for your customer.

Our documentation tab provides a clear outline of performance and instruction for you and your team. These documents provide valuable information that can help ensure that you uphold the highest level of workmanship and customer satisfaction for every job. View and download installation instructions, consumer literature, submittal sheets, specification sheets, and warranty documents straight from our website.

Want to learn more? Contact your local salesperson/branch OR you can contact us directly here.

Series: Learn How To Use Our Website Like A Pro – Tip #5 Find AHRI Matchups

Save time by using our AHRI matchup took like a pro

Our website is a one-stop shop for creating an AHRI matchup. Skip the hassle of visiting multiple sites and find a matchup in one place. You will also be able to filter multiple matchup results, view matchup pricing, and add to cart.

Need to build a system while working in the field? Download our mobile app and build systems like a pro while on the job.

Follow these easy steps to streamline your process and make a customizable system today.

How to use our AHRI Matchup Tool:

1) Select the AHRI matchup tool at the top right hand corner of the page.

2) Select the type of equipment and brand.


3) Add filters to narrow down your search.

4) Select the equipment to view matched systems.

5) Select view system to view the matchup and pricing.

6) Select the matched system you would like to view and add to cart – your AHRI number will appear on your ticket.

Still have questions…a member of our digital team will be happy to help assist you if you have any questions.

Series: Learn How To Use Our Website Like A Pro – Tip #4 Manage and Pay Invoices

View your invoices and bills online in one place. It’s easy – login to your online account for a one stop shop for invoices/statements and payments.

Once you log into your online account select the invoices tab under “My Account”.

Once you have entered the Invoice Gateway you are able to manage and view all of your past and current invoices. You can even manage your setting to receive an email when a new bill is available, attach a PDF version, receive payment confirmation and sign up for paperless bills.

Want to get started today?… A member of our digital team will be happy to help assist you if you have any questions here.

Series: Learn How To Use Our Website Like A Pro – Tip #3 View/Accept Bids

Do you request bids from your ECMD Sales Rep? Login to your online account to review, accept, and add bids to cart.

Viewing and accepting bids is now easier than ever! Login to your online account at to start accepting bids today. You can download the bid as a PDF or CSV(excel) file for future reference. Don’t want everything that is quoted on the bid all at once? Use the partial release feature to purchase the items as you need them.

Follow these easy steps to get started today!

1) Login to your ECMDI account

2) Select “Bids” from the “My Account” section in your Dashboard

3) Search by bid number or name and click “View Bid”

4) Add items to cart and checkout!

Series: Learn How To Use Our Website Like A Pro – Tip #2 View Inventory & Stock Levels

See inventory levels anytime, anywhere. Login to your account to view up to date inventory at your local branch.

Making sure the product you sell to your customer is in stock is an important part of any sale, which is why we make it easy to view inventory levels right from our website. Login to your online account at to see inventory at your local branch, and the five closest to you. No more calling the branch to see if your products are in stock.

Green lettering, “In Stock”, indicates that the item is available for purchase at your local branch. Yellow lettering, “Available”, indicates that the item is available at a nearby branch to be purchased.

Working over the weekend or after our normal business hours? No problem! You can give the homeowner a quote on the spot and have the system ready for pickup the next business day.

Shop on the website 24/7 anytime, anywhere. Login today to take advantage of all our website has to offer.

Nov 29 2018 Website Updates – Checkout Enhancements

On November, 28 2018 we made three enhancements to our checkout process to improve usability and functionality.

Highlights for Website Updates

  1. Customers can now choose a default delivery method for all orders, reducing the number of clicks required in the checkout process.
  2. We have updated the colors for inventory messaging (i.e., In Stock, Available, Out of Stock) on our Checkout page to match the colors across the website.
  3. Added messaging to our Checkout buttons to confirm that the button has been clicked and the website is working.

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Nov 19 2018 Website Updates – Checkout Enhancements

Between November 13 and 19 we made a few website updates to improve usability and performance.

Highlights for Website Updates

  1. Updated our Checkout process with a focus on performance and usability (Nov 19).
  2. Display Pending Orders only in the Order Approval section (Nov 13).
  3. Fixed an issue where the selected branch did not update when using the branch selector in Checkout (Nov 13).

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