Jan 17 2019 Website Updates

January 17, 2019 Website Updates

This week we have made a number of enhancements to our website to improve usability and functionality.

Details for Website Updates

Save Multiple Delivery Addresses

Enhancement: Customers can now add, and save for future use, multiple delivery addresses either in the online account’s Address Book or during the checkout process.

Download Price Lists

Enhancement: Customers can now download product pricing to a PDF or CSV file. For example, the CSV file could then be used to upload product pricing to a customer’s own system (e.g., Quickbooks) providing an easy way to update pricing when needed.

Print Bids to a PDF File

Enhancement: A Bid can now be printed directly to a PDF file from a customer’s online account by clicking the new Print Bid to PDF button when viewing a bid online.


A Year In Review: Our Favorite Blog Posts Of 2018

Pictured: Gordon Ferrell, President of the East Division at East Coast Metal Distributors and Joey Boles, President/Owner of Boles Supply.

East Coast Metal Distributors Acquires Boles Heating & Air Supply, Inc.

East Coast Metal Distributors has acquired Boles Heating & Air Supply, Inc. and its three locations in Fayetteville, Aberdeen and Boone, NC.

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East Coast Metal Distributors Donates Two Amana Units To Gary Sinise Foundation

We donated two complete Amana systems to help refurbish Retired US Army Sgt Strickland’s home.



Temp Rise

Most forget this crucial area when doing heating equipment check-ups. Are you?

A crucial area that is often overlooked on a gas furnace is the temperature rise. The temperature rise across a gas furnace is like ensuring that your vehicle has plenty of coolant in the radiator.




Image from http://www.ncwhomeinspections.com/Electric+Furnace+Inspection

Three Reasons for Heat Sequencer Failure

As heating season continues, HVAC professionals might see an increase in service calls from customers who say that their heat has stopped working or won’t turn on. One of the most common problems identified is heat sequencer failure.