Jan 17 2019 Website Updates

This week we have made a number of enhancements to our website to improve usability and functionality.

Highlights for Website Updates

  1. Added ability to save multiple delivery addresses to your online account.
  2. Download price lists for products as PDF or CSV files.
  3. Print a Bid to a PDF file.
  4. Added a new Ductwork section to the website.

Details for Website Updates

Save Multiple Delivery Addresses

Enhancement: Customers can now add, and save for future use, multiple delivery addresses either in the online account’s Address Book or during the checkout process. Previously, if the delivery address was different than the account’s default, customers had to manually input the address on each order. Now, the new delivery address can be added and used on future orders.

This new feature can be found next to the NEW icon in the online Address Book.  Notice the additional delivery address in the Other Addresses section.

In addition, a new delivery address can be added during the checkout process. During checkout, if the order is being delivered to the customer location and a new address must be entered, click the Change button next to the existing Delivery Address.

A window will then open allowing you to choose either an existing saved address, or add a new delivery address.

Download Price Lists

Enhancement: Customers can now download product pricing to a PDF or CSV file. For example, the CSV file could then be used to upload product pricing to a customer’s own system (e.g., Quickbooks) providing an easy way to update pricing when needed.

In the example below, I want to download the price list for Amana Heat Pumps stocked at my local branch (e.g., Forest Park, GA). Notice the PDF and CSV links highlighted in the red box in the screenshot. Click one of these links to download the price list for the 17 products listed.

Print Bids to a PDF File

Enhancement: A Bid can now be printed directly to a PDF file from a customer’s online account by clicking the new Print Bid to PDF button when viewing a bid online.

After clicking this button, the file will download to the computer.

Added a New Ductwork Section to the Website

Enhancement: To help our customers to more easily shop, and find, ductwork, we have added a new Ductwork section to the website. Previously, these items were not well-organized on the website which made finding product a little difficult.

You can find our new Ductwork section by clicking Product Categories in our top navigation bar on the website.

This is a screenshot of the new Ductwork page on our site.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding these website updates, or the website in general, we would love to hear from you.

Visit our CONTACT US form on our website to provide us with your comments or feedback.


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