Bertrand Plumbing and Heating is rapidly increasing its sales and saving a ton of time on drafting proposals with OnCall Air.


Martin Bertrand started his Plumbing and Heating Company 13 years ago in Ontario, Canada, and has expanded his business to include 32 employees. He has been using OnCall Air since March of 2018 with great success.

Before using OnCall Air, Martin and his team used to write all proposals by hand, giving his customers only “the option we thought was best for the client.”

 But even writing a one option proposal took him a lot of time! As he describes, “I’d have to leave my customer’s place, go back to the office, write up the proposal which would take me another thirty minutes and then I would send the email.” And he was not done! Then he would have to call the customer back and try to explain his paper proposal over the phone.

Then he decided to try OnCall Air and its awesome features…

 Martin heard about OnCall Air while attending a trade conference and decided to give it a shot. What sold him about OnCall Air was the sales advantage he saw from his customers engaging with a more interactive, sophisticated digital proposal. As he tells it, switching to OnCall Air was a very good decision and the results have been great!

Increased sales margin and conversion rates

Since using OnCall Air, Martin has been doing a lot more replacement jobs on HVAC systems than before. As a result, his conversion rates have gone up by a whopping 50%!

Saved tons of time

OnCall Air has also drastically reduced the amount of time Martin spends on proposals. As he described, “it probably takes me about five or seven minutes” to create a proposal with OnCall Air, “so I’m probably saving an hour, if not more, per proposal.”

Sold more high-cost efficiency products  

Before using OnCall Air, Martin would shy away from including higher efficiency systems as part of his proposal because they were priced high. But with the platform’s four quotes feature, he has begun to include them as one of his customers’ options. The results have been incredible! In the first six months he started using OnCall Air, Martin sold 7 high-efficiency units compared to one he sold during 2017.

Customers are impressed and feel empowered

Martin believes giving the customer all the information he can about the products he recommends is a powerful way to help close the sale. And with OnCall Air, he can do that. As he stated, “the customer can have all the links to the different equipment we’re proposing, so if you have that guy who wants to know more about the system, he can really dig deep into this and answer his own questions.”

The wave of the future

In the end, Martin would recommend On Call Air to any contractor because, as he put it, “I think that it is the way the future’s going.”


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Author: OnCall Air

We’ve spoken to hundreds of HVAC entrepreneurs over the years, and we typically hear a common pattern: growing a profitable business while delivering great service is a constant challenge. OnCall Air was built to address these challenges. Our first product, the HVAC Proposal Manager, is designed to be easy to use but powerful enough to meet the needs of residential HVAC companies of all sizes.