How our contractors are helping hospitals during the pandemic

face mask

East Coast Metal Distributors donated 032 Aluminum to one of our loyal customers, Kane Mechanical, last week. This donation will help manufacture 3,660 face masks that will be donated to the local hospitals during the pandemic.

The aluminum sheet will be cut up and used for the nose bridges in each mask. This is an essential component to help secure these masks for ultimate coverage and safety.

Kane Mechanical is located in East Alton, IL and has been in operation in their community since 1949.

We are proud to take part in this effort and thank loyal customers, like Kane Mechanical, for contributing during this time of need.

A Proposal Tool That Helps Close More Deals

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“East Coast Metal Distributors is winning the race in HVAC technology, which has helped grow every department here at Services Unlimited.” – Jason Massey

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