Give Your Employees This Training Tool For Success

Set your employees up for success with East Coast Metal Distributors training tools.

We recently met with Melissa Bowling, an employee of Custom Sheetmetal Services in Durham, NC, to discuss her experience with East Coast Metal Distributors. Melissa was a fairly new employee that started at Custom Sheetmetal in February of 2019. As a new employee, we made sure she was provided sales support, training, and access to our online platform to ensure she had the tools she needed to succeed in her new role.

Upon Melissa’s employment, we made sure she was set up with one-on-one training based on her business needs. All East Coast Metal Distributors customers have access to complementary education for them and their staff members.

 “As a new employee, [the online platform] really helped me familiarize myself with the product. Especially, having a way to quickly reference specifications and photos of each item,” says Melissa.

We worked closely with Custom Sheetmetal Services to identify their business needs and the best fit for their daily operations. Due to the fluctuation of the metal industry, we identified our online Bid tool as the best fit for them. The “Bid to Cart” tool helps them quickly view and accept quotes straight from their customer portal. Allowing for quick, easy access and ordering.

 “We used to send 4-5 emails back and forth to our salesperson to complete a bid. Now, all I have to do is login, view bid, accept, and done!”

 Our customer web portal gives you access to valuable tools to run the daily operations of your HVAC business. We provide real-time data on inventory levels at your local branch, along with easy access to product specifications, warranty documents, installation instructions, and more. Melissa says that having the ability to “go online to order has made my life so much easier. I especially love the order confirmation emails.”

Custom Sheetmetal Services is a metal fabricator that builds duck work for contractors in the local Durham, NC area. Melissa Bowling works as their Office Manager. Here daily operations include purchasing, accounting, inventory, and payroll.

Thank you to Melissa Bowling and everyone at Custom Sheetmetal Services for being a valued customer of East Coast Metal Distributors.