Inventory Management: A Guide for HVAC Business Owners

What is inventory management?

Inventory management involves controlling your supply chain so that you can provide your customers with the service they need quickly and easily without wasting time and resources. Service based businesses rely on effective inventory management techniques to save money while consistently having the parts and supplies they need to ensure that jobs get done in a timely manner. Inventory management is a balance that involves anticipating demand and keeping track of how many units you have in stock.

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Take control of your inventory today!


Whether you are a large or small contractorany business can benefit from  inventory management. SimpleStock can help those who experience a delay in jobs due to stock outs or manual ordering of product. It can also help prevent overstocking of unnecessary items, excess inventory and high write-offs. SimpleStock allows you to take control of your inventory anywhere, anytime from your mobile device or tablet.  

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This Free Tool is Helping Services Unlimited Heating & Air Grow

We recently sat down with Jason Massey, the Warehouse Manager at Services Unlimited Heating & Air, a Raleigh, NC customer of ours, to talk about how they are saving money by reducing inventory loss and becoming more efficient. The answer: SimpleStock, East Coast Metal Distributor’s inventory management solution.

“East Coast Metal Distributors is winning the race in HVAC technology, which has helped grow every department here at Services Unlimited.” – Jason Massey

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