4 Easy Ways to Order with East Coast Metal Distributors

At East Coast Metal Distributors we know that you are busy, so we want to make ordering as easy as possible. Check out these 4 easy ways to order – pick which one is the best for you and get started today!

1) Order Templates

Do you order the same products over and over again? East Coast Metal Distributors has a solution for you. Order templates give you access to a list of products that are tailored to your order habits. Building Order Templates on our website offers an easy way to curate and save lists of commonly ordered products for easy reference when you need to reorder.

2) SimpleOrder

Do you email your sales representative a purchase order weekly? Convert your emailed and faxed purchase orders or order forms into automated orders with 100% accuracy. SimpleOrder converts your purchase orders into automated sales orders. It eliminates the challenge of dual entry as you no longer need to re-key your purchase orders online once you have created the PO in your own system. SimpleOrder allows you to manage your own ordering systems and place orders with East Coast Metal Distributors within seconds.

3) SimpleStock

Do you stock inventory in your warehouse or truck to ensure you always have what you need for a job? With SimpleStock, you can simply restock your inventory. Order what you need, when you need it, right from your tablet or mobile phone. There are no upfront costs, you can improve your bottom line, and manage your inventory from anywhere. Simply create a list of items you frequently stock, send it to your sales representative, and start ordering today.

4) Bid to Cart

Does your sales representative create bids on your behalf for jobs? Bid to cart is a great fit for you. When your sales representative creates a bid for you, login to your online account at www.ecmdi.com to review the bid. You can download the bid as a PDF or CSV for future reference. Don’t want everything that is quoted on the bid? No problem! Use the partial release feature and only purchase the items you want. You can have the items you need on the way in no time.

After you have placed an order through one of our various ordering methods you can use our newest feature, Dockside Pickup. Dockside Pickup allows you to avoid the hassle of the counter and to have your order brought out to you. When you are on the way to the branch, check-in from the mobile app. Your order is then entered into a priority queue where you can monitor the progress of your order while you wait in your vehicle. When your order is ready, you will be notified so that you can just load and go.

Have questions about any of these ordering methods? A member of our digital team will be happy to help assist you. Contact us here.

Author: East Coast Metal Distributors

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