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Whether you are a large or small contractorany business can benefit from  inventory management. SimpleStock can help those who experience a delay in jobs due to stock outs or manual ordering of product. It can also help prevent overstocking of unnecessary items, excess inventory and high write-offs. SimpleStock allows you to take control of your inventory anywhere, anytime from your mobile device or tablet.  

Setup is easy –  Follow these easy steps! 

  1. Take a visual inspection of how your warehouse is laid out and how you can most efficiently organize it.  
  2. Contact your sales representative or local branch to determine what items you order and stock on a regular basis.  
  3. The East Coast Metal Distributors team will create barcodes codes based off items you regularly order or stock. These barcodes can be placed around your warehouse in front of stock bins. If you don’t have designated space for the barcodes they can be placed in a notebook to be scanned.  
  4. Download the East Coast Metal Distributors app so you and your team can access our inventory management system tool. We’ll train your team on using our mobile app and SimpleStockTraining is easy and we’ll make sure everyone on your team is prepared before you get started.  

Benefits of using SimpleStock  

  1. There are no up front cost with this tool. East Coast Metal Distributors is committed to being a business partner that helps grow your business, stay organized, and never miss a job.  
  2. You can manage and stock your inventory anytime, anywhere. With SimpleStock  you now have access to manage your inventory anywhere. Using SimpleStock cuts down trips to the supply house and enables you to increase billable hours and complete more jobs. 

Inventory management can help you and your staff improve your bottom line, save time, and never miss a job due to inventory. Want to get started today? Sign up for a free 30 minute demo to learn more

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Author: East Coast Metal Distributors

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