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I don’t know about you, but I can say comfortably that I do not find myself in the position of having thousands of dollars I want to dispose of. If you find yourself in a different position, please contact me and I will be happy to help you relieve yourself of those burdensome funds. I am using that statement because I know we can all never agree on the exact “average” cost of a Ductless AC installation, but I feel confident we can all agree that the number is over $1000. My point being that the price point means I am not interested in just “throwing it away” at the first sign of trouble. These machines or appliances are not disposable. They can be maintained, and they can be repaired. However, both of those concepts must begin with us doing something that many of us feel uncomfortable with … opening the machine up. 

Servicing a Daikin Wall Mount

Yes, ductless units are heavily electronic and many of the parts are plastic (reminds me of modern automobiles). You may not be familiar with disassembling a unit in order to gain access and begin diagnosing a malfunction. That’s ok … there is nothing wrong with not knowing how to do something … but there is something wrong with letting that deter you from learning how to do something. In the linked video training, we look at how to access a wall mounted ductless indoor unit. We discuss some common maintenance steps you may take to keep the unit clean and at the same time this same method of disassembly will allow us the best access for diagnosis too. 

Daikin EEV Maintenance

The answer to a dirty or malfunctioning unit should not be an automatic “looks like you need a new one”. Sometimes replacement makes more financial sense, but in order to make that judgement we need all the facts. One of the first being: what is wrong with the current unit? 

Check out our Pro Training videos for more videos on ductless wall mounted installation and maintenance.

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