Series: Learn How To Use Our Website Like A Pro – Tip #12 Creating an Online Account

East Coast Metal Distributors customers can follow our self-service online account linking process to create an online account.

Go to to create and account and gain access to valuable HVAC digital tools for ordering, product info, warranty look up, and more…available 24/7 on the mobile app or website.

If you do not have an online account follow the below steps to create one to gain access to ordering, inventory, invoices, and more!

How to create an online account:

1. Click on the “Sign In or Create an Online Account” link in the top right hand corner of the page at 

2. Enter email address.

3. After entering your email address, the website will determine whether you already have an online account or not.

If so, then the site will ask for your password where you can sign in.

If you DO NOT have an online account, instead of showing a password field, the below screen will appear asking if you are an East Coast Metal Distributor’s customer.

  • If you click NO, then you will be automatically directed to our Credit App page where you can complete the COD or Credit App form to create an account.​​​​​​​
  • If you click YES, then you will be asked for your ECMD Account Number.

4. The next screen will ask for you to enter your account number. If you do not know your account number please reach out to your local branch or salesperson.

5. After entering your Account Number, the site will determine whether the Account Number is valid.

  • If the Account number is already setup online, then you will receive a message asking you to reach out to your company admin for online access.​​​​​​​ If this is the case have the admin of your company have the admin of your company follow the Roles and Permissions how to to add you as a user.
  • If the Account Number is valid, and not already setup online, then you will be asked to verify your account by sending a verification code to the business phone number we have on file.


You will have the option to receive a voice call or a text to the company phone number with the verification code to enter.

7. After you chooses Call or Text, you will receive the screen below to enter the code.

8. After verifying your account by entering the code, you will be able to create your online account. Enter your full name and password and click create an account.

Once your account is created, we will verify and APPROVE the new online Company Account. Once approved, usually within one (1) business day, you will receive an email letting you know that you now have FULL access to your online account (i.e., pricing, placing orders online, etc.).


Still have questions?

Contact your local branch or salesperson to help with set up or to schedule a demo.

Author: East Coast Metal Distributors

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