Save Time with Enhanced Ductwork and Diffusers in Commercial HVAC Installations

Commercial HVAC systems do an excellent job of conditioning indoor air.  But targeting the delivery of that conditioned air is a job that TRUaire® has been perfecting for over three decades.  That’s just one reason why TRUaire is readily recognized as a leading manufacturer of high-quality grilles, registers, and diffusers (GRD) for the commercial HVAC market.

TRUaire offers a wide array of commercial air diffusers, including spiral duct and T-bar diffusers.  All are 100% powder-coated to ensure a quality finish that will stand the test of time, with no rust and no painting required.  Painting commercial ductwork and diffusers after being assembled or installed require additional materials and labor and can lead to chipped paint, unpainted exposed surfaces, frozen linkage parts, and rattling dampers.

TRUaire commercial diffusers provide a clean, uniform appearance that is designed to complement any commercial environment.  TRUaire T-bar directional diffusers are engineered to fit easily into commercial drop ceiling installations. HVAC technicians can move quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly when installing, replacing, or modifying a commercial installation.

Without properly directing conditioned air into a room, the customer may feel that the commercial air conditioning system is not operating correctly.  That is especially important in a commercial installation where the client has been known to relocate their business due to what they consider to be a faulty HVAC system.

With TRUaire commercial products, there is no need to sacrifice price over quality. East Coast Metal Distributors (ECMD) and TRUaire have provided innovative products, support, and quality to customers since day one.

During that time, TRUaire has introduced many products resulting in an exceptional level of customer satisfaction.

For your next commercial air conditioning system installation, make sure that you choose ECDM and TRUaire.  You will be glad you did, and so will your customers.

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Author: East Coast Metal Distributors

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