Embrace a Smarter Spring: Why Now is the Perfect Time for Thermostat Upgrades

Contractor installing smart thermostat

Spring is an excellent time to update your customers’ systems to smart thermostats. Prior to peak cooling season, you probably have more time to discuss the benefits of a smart home and to perform installations without the rush associated with extreme weather conditions.

Preventive Maintenance Between Seasons

As homeowners switch from heating to cooling, they may be more aware of their HVAC system’s performance and energy usage. This awareness creates an opportunity to suggest upgrades that can improve efficiency and comfort.  Spring maintenance calls provide the perfect opportunity to assess current thermostats and recommend smart upgrades. Since you are already servicing the system, it’s a convenient time to discuss the benefits of a smart thermostat.

This can provide a more seamless and automated home environment before the temperatures heat up. Continue reading “Embrace a Smarter Spring: Why Now is the Perfect Time for Thermostat Upgrades”

Introducing: Vive Comfort


With a tablet-style design and intuitive functionality, Vive™ products respond to every phase of life with corresponding comfort and style. Our cutting edge temperature management is wireless capable, easy to program and user-friendly, and it communicates with almost any HVAC system. Advanced technology and the large, blue LED display offer timeless appeal with contemporary flair. Experience the exclusive controls that bring maximum performance, efficiency and comfort into the home or commercial setting.


Unlike competitive products that leave ghostly reminders of past installations,  Vive™ controls fit the existing vacancies left by old thermostats and are easy to install. The lineup includes industry-leading features like:

Easy-To-Read LED Display

Large backlit screens cast a modern blue display with stunning readability to make adjusting the temperature super simple.

5-year Warranty Coverage

To ensure peace of mind and enhance comfort, Vive™ thermostats come backed with the best warranty in the industry.

Multiple Installation Options

Putting in a Vive™ thermostat couldn’t be easier. You get to pick whatever works best from a full lineup of tethered and wireless options.


Residential and Commercial Flexibility

Whether home or office comfort is needed, Vive™ thermostats can control the space with perfect results.