Ten Things HVAC Contractors Can Do Today to Get Started in the Smart Home Market

HVAC contractors and their employees visit dozens, maybe even hundreds or thousands of homes a week. They come into contact with countless doorbells, light switches, and home appliances. They’re trusted advisors to the customers in their care. So when the time comes for their customers to replace those doorbells with their smart home counterparts, shouldn’t HVAC contractors be the “smartest” choice for the job?

Here are 10 things HVAC contractors can do right away to make sure their companies are on track to start reaping the rewards of the burgeoning smart home business.

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Contractors Use Smart Sales for Smart Homes

HVAC contractors, manufacturers share how to close the deal.

Contractors Use Smart Sales for Smart Homes 01
MAGIC TOUCH: Roy Thorn, service technician at Magic Touch Mechanical, installs a Nest smart thermostat at a customer’s home.

Buy a brand-new home, and chances are, the heating and air-conditioning system will come with a Wi-Fi thermostat.

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Works With Nest Series: Use Google Assistant With Nest Secure

Let’s face it: getting out the door can be hectic sometimes. Between rushing to beat the traffic, making sure you’re dressed for the weather and running through your to-do list, there’s a lot to juggle—and we could all use a little assistance streamlining our routines.

Google Nest has added a new feature to Nest Secure to do just that: the Google Assistant is available on your Nest Guard, so you can ask it questions like, “Hey Google, do I need an umbrella today?” before you set your alarm and leave the house.*

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Learn More About Our Top 3 Best Selling Nest Products

Nest products can help your customers save on energy costs, keep their families safe and stay connected to what’s important. And together, they do even more to create a thoughtful home.
In this post, we go into detail about our top 3 best selling Nest products: the Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Protect and Nest Hello Video Doorbell.

Nest® Learning Thermostat

Saving energy is a beautiful thing. Meet the 3rd gen Nest Learning Thermostat.

The Nest® Learning Thermostat automatically adapts to lifestyle and seasonal changes. It gets to know habits, such as turning down the thermostat before bed or up first thing in the morning and starts building a schedule accordingly. The temperature can also be adjusted from a phone, so it’ll be cozy upon arrival.

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Top 5 things to know about Google Wifi

Looking to understand how Google Wifi can help your business grow beyond the thermostat?

In this post, we hear from Google Wifi Product Manager Ben Brown on why these 5 things make the Google Wifi a complimentary addition to your Nest Pro toolbox:

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How Nest opens doors for an HVAC integrator

The old saying “You are what you wear” certainly applies to Simply Comfort, a Toronto-based custom integrator. The company, which has its roots in the heating and air conditioning business, found its apparel made a big impact on its ability to set customers at ease, get their foot in the door, and easily start a sales discussion.

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Meet Google Home Hub

One dashboard. One easy sell.
Help your customers control their connected home, and get things done from a single dashboard. With Google Home Hub, customers can manage their compatible smart home devices, including Nest Hello video doorbell, Nest Cam security cameras, and Nest thermostats. Offering Google Home Hub on each job is a simple way to build your connected home business.

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