Embrace SEER Ratings This Spring for a Cooler, Greener Summer


As the last traces of winter fade and the first blooms of spring emerge, many homeowners begin to set their sights on the approaching summer heat. It’s the perfect time to talk about something crucial yet often overlooked: SEER ratings for air conditioning systems. Understanding SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings is essential for those looking to save on energy bills and minimize their environmental impact as they consider an upgrade to their cooling systems.

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Chasing SEER – Right Off A Cliff

With each season’s change, it can take a little time for technicians to adjust. It seems every summer we forget all about how heating systems work and every winter we purge the concept of the cooling cycle from our consciousness. Therefore, the first few weeks become an adjustment period where it requires extra focus to remember the fundamentals of gas pressure, temperature rise, sequence of operation, flame rectification, etc.

Recently, I have spoken with quite a few technicians and company owners on the topic of furnace short cycling.

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