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You know that in the HVAC/R business, it is imperative to make a great first impression on each prospective customer to beat out the competition and close on every sale.

Yet contractors often put all their effort on closing the deal by beating out their competitors on price instead, leading to a lose-lose situation where profit is reduced, and finishing the job in the professional way customers expect is put at risk.

Consider also the effect that giving customers a paper proposal may have on your ability to close on sales.

The moment you hand over the paper proposal you have spent hours working on and walk out of the home, you have no way of knowing what they’ll do with that information.

Since there’s no way to track what they do with a paper proposal, your interaction during the decision making-process is very limited. What’s more, consumers expectations have changed, and paper proposals will feel outdated and tedious.

Rather than being part of the rat race of presenting the cheapest handwritten quote for every job, why not invest in a professional digital proposal system to win customers over instead?

Here are 5 great things that a professional sales tool enables you to do:

1. Provide your customers with the information they need to make an informed decision

Digital proposals allow your customers to access rich product information they would otherwise have limited access to. OnCall Air provides your customers with full product descriptions, specs, pictures and videos directly sourced from ECMD’s ecommerce site.  

As Terry Zarling from True Cool Air Conditioning states, “I sell a lot of systems now because I give customers a lot more choices. And the funny thing is, because the platform looks so professional, people aren’t trying to bargain with me on price.”

2. Provide options and upselling opportunities with every quote so customers can decide what is best for them with financing options

With OnCall Air you can present up to four options and recommend products and services as add-ons. Providing 4 quotes will increase your chances that the customer may go for the best and fantastic option and reduce the likelihood they’ll go for the lowest price quote.

That’s been precisely HVAC Zack’s experience, from Aspire Heating and Cooling Electrical. “It’s kind of like the Amazon shopping cart. At the very bottom it has the add-ons, and using this feature, we have been selling more accessories. And with four options, we’ve been selling more high-end in the middle.” 

Plus, with new integrated financing, you also have the opportunity to let your customers apply for a credit line to finance their job on the spot!

3. Save time with product and pricing information directly sourced from ECMD’s website site

With OnCall Air’s drag and drop feature, you can put proposals together in minutes. What’s more, with its connector technology that links directly to ECMD’s e-comm site, you get all product and pricing information automatically fed into OnCall Air so you can access inventory availability anytime. The pricing feature also gives you the ability to have different pricing profiles, and to change both the price and your margins on the fly from anywhere, including your customers’ homes, as you see fit.

4. Take the guess work out of the quoting game with tracking

OnCall Air has a built-in tracking feature that can let you see how your customers are interacting with the proposal. This gives you insight into information such as if they have opened the proposal, how many times they have looked at each option and when, and if they have accepted the offer.  This feature enables you and your sales team to develop a good strategy for following-up with every customer and maximizes your capacity to close on the deal.

5. Unify your sales process with full visibility and collaboration available in one centralized place

With OnCall Air, you can have access to all proposals provided to customers in a single platform. Get KPIs on average ticket prices, and other important Financial, Model and AHRI information. Empower your entire team, including your office staff and techs, to complete their jobs with maximum efficacy by sharing all relevant pricing information and job details on the fly.

What you want to do is win your customers over by giving them peace of mind. And to do that, you need to convince them your company is professional, and they can trust you’llget the job done well and reliably.

To give your customers that peace of mind, you need OnCall Air.

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Author: East Coast Metal Distributors

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