Maintenance Season Is Here: Let’s Talk About IAQ Solutions

As we enter into the Spring, there is an increasing demand for air quality services, like UV lights, air purifiers, and advanced filtration. In this post, we discuss the benefits of using UV Lights & Air Cleaners, and why coil cleaning and drain treatment are important. These are great selling points when speaking with your customers about improving indoor air quality in their homes.

Eliminate Germs with UV Lights

A UV Light is a wise addition to an air filtration system and is considered one of the best ways to reduce sneezing, wheezing and other allergy-related symptoms during the Spring. Instead of just filtering out bad toxins and substances from the air, a UV light will actually kill them before they can be released into the air in your customer’s homes.

UV Lights

Kill germs, bad toxins and substances from the air.

Clear the Air with Air Cleaners

Air Cleaners are a convenient option to improve the IAQ in your customer’s home. They come in many sizes and power capabilities, so you can easily select one that fits in the space while efficiently handling the amount of air. Air Cleaners are able to trap and remove a majority of allergens, viruses, and bacteria particles in the air.

Air Cleaners

Trap and remove a majority of allergens, viruses, and bacteria particles in the air.

Here are some benefits of using UV Lights and Air Cleaners to share with your customers:

  • Kills bacteria, viruses, and germs
  • Controls mold and other allergens
  • Removes Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Reduces smells and odors
  • Maintains a cleaner HVAC unit
  • Reduces maintenance requirements
  • Lowers monthly expenses

Coil Cleaning & Drain Treatment

A clogged evaporator coil can reduce airflow, which can reduce the efficiency of your customer’s system. The system must run harder to reach the temperature set on their thermostats, which can lead to early breakdowns of the system’s components.

Clogged coils make the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Once the mold and/or bacteria enter the air system, you have an increased risk for allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues.

Coil Cleaners

Remove mold and/or bacteria from entering the air system by cleaning the coils.


While the coils work to draw the warm air out of your customer’s home, they also pull other things along with it that can cause a nasty buildup. These often include dust, dirt, grease, and bacteria that may create a barrier of grime that will force the coils and your customer’s air conditioning system to work harder.

Here are some benefits of Coil Cleaning and Drain Treatment to share with your customers:

  • Increased system efficiency – customers see lower light bills
  • Increased cooling power – customers are able to cool their homes more efficiently during the Spring and Summer months
  • Improvement to indoor air quality – elimination of allergens and bacteria in the air

Drain Treatment

Keep air conditioning drain pans and lines from clogging.


Author: East Coast Metal Distributors

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