Brand Spotlight: WEITRON

“Building relationships for a better tomorrow”

WEITRON is a leading supplier and worldwide distributor of a broad range of refrigerant gases, lubricants, and accessories to meet ever-changing industrial applications. We offer refrigerants in a wide variety of sizes to meet the demands of automotive, stationary and commercial refrigeration sectors. Weitron is committed to providing safe, top quality, high-performance, dependable refrigerant solutions for all operations to help improve comfort and advance quality of life.

WEITRON is committed to rigorous procedures which consistently generate superior products. Regular purity, moisture and acidity testing in onsite state-of-the-art laboratories coupled with exceptional quality controls guarantee consistently pure refrigerants which exceed AHRI-700 standards. Each WEITRON cylinder comes with a Certificate of Analysis.

At the heart of WEITRON is a knowledgeable, friendly team dedicated to unparalleled service. Multi-faceted training in products, safety, and customer service ensures that the WEITRON team offers a customized service experience that is unmatched in the refrigeration industry.

* Orders are meticulously processed, and orders received before 1PM generally ship same day

* With distribution centers across the US, logistics are remarkably quick and efficient

* Emergency delivery solutions are available in most regions

* Product Analysis certification available for each cylinder

* All cylinders are tracked for increased productivity

* Flexible, industry-leading service solutions

WEITRON’s development of sustainable business practices enables us to streamline operations, reduce waste, conserve energy and other resources and share those benefits directly with you. This pledge permeates the way we conduct business, driving us to innovate and develop creative solutions for product development, warehousing, operations, transportation and beyond. We partner with you to advance the well-being of people and the planet we share. Our aim is that every material we bring to market is socially and ecologically sustainable.

We offer a broad range of products and supplementary services, including custom service solutions. Weitron is your one-stop shop for ALL your refrigerant needs.