5 Ways OnCall Air Can Save you Time

You know time is one of your most valuable assets. And in the summer months this is especially true for our HVAC/R industry. 

As your phones ring off the hook and your customers need you most, being equipped with the right sales tool for what can be your most important sales season is imperative.  

OnCall Air can help you save a ton of time with the following benefits: 

1. Build a quote in minutes

Building a quote is quick and easy with OnCall Air. In a matter of minutes, you can create a professional-looking proposal with your recommendations on equipment, accessories and installation items and email it to your customer. 

OnCall Air user Jerry Mannix from Mannix Heating & Cooling describes, “My two salespeople absolutely love OnCall Air. They tell me it saves them hours and hours of writing estimates and having to fill out paperwork that they normally did the old way.”  

2. Confirm availability of products you plan to include on your proposal

With OnCall Air, you’ll never take another fruitless trip to your distribution facility for items that are out of stock. Thanks to OnCall Air’s partnership with ECMD, our software is automatically connected with ECMD’s e-commerce site. This makes it simple for you to check on inventory availability which is continuously updated.  

3. Keep your price books up-to-date

Instead of spending hours manually updating your price books, OnCall Air makes this process completely automated. Once again, our Connector Partnership makes it possible for OnCall Air to give you instant access to the latest price books by connecting to ECMD’s e-commerce site. 

Skip from GMC Air Conditioning Services says that before making the switch “I used to spend days, hours and days putting price books together.” Now that he has OnCall Air, he can kiss making price books goodbye.  

4. Provide your customers all the information they need on products you recommend

Impress your customers with a fully-interactive proposal that gives them access to exhaustive information on the products you recommend. 

With OnCall Air, customers can watch videos, and look at full descriptions and other specs of any product, accessory or add-on you’ve included in their proposal. This saves your sales team and technicians from spending time fielding calls from customers with follow-up questions about equipment that must be answered before you can close on the sale.  

As HVAC Zack from Aspire Heating and Cooling Electrical describes, “I have a lot of customers compliment our software. They like how easy it is to use and move from proposal to proposal, and they like how clean it is with all the pictures and details on it.”  

5. Have all the information you need so you can complete an installation in one go

You can house information you need for any install inside OnCall Air’s Inspector Feature. And include items like special notes, pictures, list of parts and model numbers, cost of equipment, or any other piece of information.  

Having this information readily accessible from your phone or other smart device will help you do the job right and avoid having to make any last-minute trips that’ll delay you.  

Take the case of Skip from GMC. On install jobs before using OnCall Air he was constantly saying: “Oh, now I gotta go to Home Depot because I need this, or I gotta go to go the electrical house because I need this.”  

Thanks to OnCall Air’s Inspector Feature, Skip’s now prepared to do every installation efficiently without the need to make a single unplanned stop.  

As these benefits make clear, OnCall Air is a powerful tool that’ll save you and your team a lot of time.  

It is precisely at this moment, when you and your team are working at breakneck speed, that a tool like OnCall Air can help you maximize your profits. Our support team can get you set up in a few days so you can soar this summer!  

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Author: OnCall Air

We’ve spoken to hundreds of HVAC entrepreneurs over the years, and we typically hear a common pattern: growing a profitable business while delivering great service is a constant challenge. OnCall Air was built to address these challenges. Our first product, the HVAC Proposal Manager, is designed to be easy to use but powerful enough to meet the needs of residential HVAC companies of all sizes.