4 Essential Strategies for Upselling and Cross-Selling

Upselling and cross-selling are 2 ways to increase your HVAC business’ revenue. Upselling encourages customers to purchase higher-quality items or services that provide them greater benefits than more basic options. Cross-selling suggests customers purchase other products in conjunction with the primary product they chose.

When done right, upselling and cross-selling can provide big benefits to your customers, in addition to raising your average ticket, and helping you build your brand’s reputation. To do either successfully, follow these guidelines:

  • Know which products to upsell or cross-sell – Offer your customers a limited set of choices they can truly use and benefit from. If you can prove that a product or service makes a customers’ first choice better, you’ll be in good shape.
  • Investigate what customers are looking for and offer them upsells or cross-sells that address those needs If you offer your customers left-field options, without asking them what they want first, you risk frustrating and jeopardizing your relationship with them. So, listen to your customers before you offer them any add-on products. Signals like “I wish I could do X” or “Next we want to try Y” can give you a good idea of what your customers need to achieve their desired results.
  • Be ethical about your upselling strategy – Be transparent and honest with your customers. And be upfront with them about pricing, contracts, and all other costs involved. Conversations like this will build rapport with your customers and increase the odds they will go for the upsell or cross-sell you have offered them.
  • Give your customers solutions – Identify problems that a consumer is experiencing and provide a solution. For instance, if a homeowner has a child with asthma, you can make recommendations for products that will improve the air quality in the home, including UV lights that get rid of mold and bacteria, which will help their child’s quality of life improve dramatically.
  • Demonstrate added-value Make sure the value of the upsell or cross-sell item is clear to your customers so they can make decisions on their own and arrive at a logical choice that makes the most sense for them.

Why OnCall Air is the optimal tool for upselling and cross-selling in the HVAC market

OnCall Air makes upselling and cross-selling easy on every job.

It all starts with OnCall Air’s highly-customizable, digital proposal system that allows you to offer up to four options with add-on accessories and services customers can choose from.

As customers look through the options provided, they will have access to content-rich information about each product, including videos and brochures. Additionally, they have the option of applying for financing directly from the platform providing them payment options so they can increase the scope of their project.

Through this side-by-side comparison, customers will easily understand the added-value of going for higher value options. As they make their decision, they will be able to weigh the higher-cost of a higher-efficiency system versus the savings purchasing this system will give them over time and compare how their monthly financing costs would be.

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