4 Easy Steps to Clean a Mini-Split System

Spray Cleaning Indoor Ductless

Ductless mini-split systems are growing in popularity as homeowners and businesses alike value their benefits. Just like any other HVAC system, regular preventive maintenance and cleaning is key in order to keep this investment running effectively, and efficiently, for as long as possible.

HVAC contractors must be careful when cleaning to ensure that any cleaning solution is not spilled on walls or flooring. Just follow these simple maintenance and cleaning steps to easily service a ductless system.

Step 1: Protect the Cleaning Area

Use a mini-split cleaning bag indoors to prevent leakage, chemicals over-spray, and to keep a clean, mess-free work area. Reusable maintenance bags are designed specifically for HVAC contractors to clean wall-mounted mini-splits and ceiling cassette systems.

Step 2: Clean and Sanitize the Coils

Mini-splits can house bacteria, mold, mildew and other contaminants and should be regularly cleaned at a minimum of once a year or more, depending on climate and location, according to most manufacturers.

Spray coil cleaners make cleaning mini-splits simple, quick and convenient. Powerful disinfecting formulas cut dirt and grime while eliminating odors in one easy step. Convenient, no-rinse, ready-to-use aerosols are also easy to carry to the job site in residential or indoor commercial applications.

Step 3: Rinse the Coils

Mini-splits can be installed in a variety of places – anywhere from bedrooms to offices, computer rooms to even garages. The idea of hauling a hose to rinse the coils off is out of the question. Instead, bring a pump-up sprayer and rinse the coils as they drain into a Clean Guard Bag and bucket. Up your cleaning game and bring a battery-operated sprayer to make the job more efficient and ergonomic, with less mess.

Step 4: Maintenance

All HVAC systems, mini-splits included, require maintenance. It is common to have issues with flare fittings and seals. Fast-curing, anaerobic-based thread sealants are quick and easy to apply and can improve the integrity of flare fittings used in the HVAC/R market. Create confident, leak-free mechanical fastener connections and added sealability in flange assemblies.

With new market growth and an increasing product selection, maintaining mini-splits is easy. With these quick, simple steps up  your sleeve, cleaning your customers’ units will be a breeze!