What Providing Financing Can Do for Your Customers and Your Business

Financing is a powerful tool. It can provide customers an affordable way to pay for what they need while helping you grow your company. Below, we outline three ways in which financing can benefit your business:

  1. It provides customers a way to pay for what they need increasing your customer base – HVAC repairs are often unplanned, and most customers don’t have savings readily available to pay for a new system or repair. Offering financing gives your customers payment alternatives so they can afford the upgrades they need and help you and your team to close more jobs.
  1. It gives customers greater purchasing power to get the job they really want which increases your average ticket – Many buyers pass on attractive higher-efficiency systems and other add-ons because choosing more basic options fits their wallet. When you present these customers with a financing option they can easily include in their monthly budget, you give them a way to go for the upgrades they really want while also increasing your average ticket.
  1. It increases customer referrals – Often, customers call you in for a straightforward AC replacement. But on your home visit, you may discover the homeowner has severe allergies and could benefit from an air purifier. By offering the homeowner an HVAC product that will improve his quality of life, as well as an affordable way to finance it, you’re delivering excellent customer service and building a lasting relationship. Recognize that satisfied customers won’t hesitate to call you back when they need another job and they’re very likely to recommend your services to their family and friends.

Choosing the right tool to offer financing

 Making it easy for your team to offer financing is a key component of your success but adding the use of new software can make it daunting. That is why choosing a tool that is easy to useoffers paperless applications and provides quick financing decisions is key 

With Credit for Comfort, you and your team can hit the ground running the minute you’re approved by one or more of our finance partners and start offering your customers competitive financing plans. Here are some other great benefits:

  • Streamline your sales process with mobile-based financing applications processed directly in the home on the first visit
  • Make it simpler and less intimidating for your sales team in home to offer financing
  • Shorten your sales cycle by tracking how your team and your customers interact with their financing options
  • Choose from a range of competitive rate plans that are right for you and your customers. As you long as you have been in business for a year or more, Credit for Comfort has a solution for you.
  • Get financing decisions in seconds
  • Offer Prime and 2nd Look financing with a single application
  • Elevate your customer’s experience by emailing or texting them their information so they can fill out their sensitive information on their own device, at their convenience

Whether you’re a new HVAC business owner or a seasoned HVAC veteran, Credit for Comfort can empower your entire team with hassle-free financing.

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