Series: Learn How to Use the Website Like A Pro – Tip #11 Specials and Promotions

Top four ways to stay up to date with ECMD Promotions

East Coast Metal Distributors is dedicated to bringing you the best products and promotions. However, we know that staying up to date with each promotion can be a tedious task. Every month we feature something different; be it tools, parts, equipment, or other categories; and we encourage you to take advantage of these sales while they last. We work hard to highlight each promotion on multiple channels to ensure that all of our customers hear about our promotions.  Below, we list the top four ways you can stay up to date with our promotions:

1. Our website 

On our website you can access our promotions in three different places. The homepage, the message center in your customer portal, and a dedicated link in the footer of the website.  

On our homepage, you will find many of our active promotions displayed in revolving banners at the top of the page. Click on a banner to learn more about the promotion and to easily shop from products that are part of the promotion. 


In your customer portal, to the right, you will see the Message Center which lists our current promotions, a preview of the promotion’s details, and a link to a page on our website. That page further details the promotion and features links for you to shop from qualifying products.


We also have a link in our website footer, under Shopping Tools, called “Promotions.” The Promotions page lists each of our company-wide promotions with details and links for more information.

2. Social Media 

Following us on social media will also ensure you never miss a promotion. During the time period of the promotion, we will announce the products and what the promotion is. Clicking the post will take you to the website for more information or to shop.

Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.  

3. Mobile App 

We also send out mobile app push notifications whenever we start a new promotion, and we always alert you when the promotion is about to end. 

TIP: Make sure your mobile app notifications are turned on!

4. Emails 

Our monthly newsletter is full of useful information including blog posts, tips and tricks for techs, product spotlights, and more. In the newsletter we list all active promotions and link to pages on our website to view more details and shop.

We also send out dedicated emails for our promotions. We feature helpful content about the products that are part of the promotion, information about the promotion, and links to shop for qualifying products.

TIP: making sure the correct person is receiving these emails is crucial. Anyone from your company can subscribe to our emails to ensure they are obtaining the information they need and never miss an opportunity.  


At East Coast Metal Distributors we are committed to being a business partner with you and helping you grow your business. Make sure to take advantage of our active promotions by checking all of these places. As always, you can speak with your local salesperson and local branch for more information about our promotions or to obtain a full list of promotions running at that time.  


Author: East Coast Metal Distributors

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