Remote A/C Diagnostics: Better Service And Increased Revenue

Remote A/C monitoring is just one of the many ways that technology is changing how HVAC businesses manage their costs, add value to customer relationships and stay competitive. One of the newest smart sensors on the market is the Sentree A/C monitoring system from Alert Labs. With Sentree, contractors can now remotely monitor and diagnose air conditioning systems from anywhere.

Homeowner customers can have peace of mind knowing their air conditioning unit is operating normally and that Sentree will let their contractor know when issues occur. Service calls will be more efficient since techs know about the problem before they arrive onsite.

From phone or computer, service teams can:

  • Review minute-by-minute, temperature and pressure on liquid and vapor lines, current usage, superheat and subcool
  • See the properties with issues and prioritize service calls
  • Improve response time and decrease emergency visits

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Author: Support Team - Alert Labs

Sentree provides 24/7 real-time remote monitoring of residential central air conditioning systems to track A/C health. When unusual activity occurs, Sentree provides HVAC contractors with the information they need to proactively diagnose the issue and dispatch the right service to the property. Sentree can help HVAC contractors increase maintenance revenue, reduce truck rolls, and boost customer retention.