New Product: CoolAir AC SmartSeal External

AC SmartSeal External works on all materials — copper, aluminum, steel, plastic — and it’s great where copper meets aluminum. It works on holes up to about a fifth of an inch — and will last 12 to 15 years.

AC SmartSeal External is tested and compatible with all refrigerants and lubricants and won’t dissolve over time. Plus it won’t void warranties since it’s applied from the outside, with nothing going into the system.

AC SmartSeal External is a great solution when coils are on back order, either a temporary fix or a permanent repair. It’s great for safe quick repairs in schools, hotels and hospitals when you can’t have a flame and for older units that must be up and running at all times.

The short video below demonstrates how to use AC SmartSeal External to fix larger leaks. AC SmartSeal External is designed for air conditioning and refrigeration systems. AC SmartSeal External is rated up to 825 psi. It’s great for those hard to reach areas where leaks are common. It’s also great for leaks that are difficult or impossible to repair conventionally.

Author: East Coast Metal Distributors

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