Grow Your HVAC Business with IAQ

Air purification devices remove biological and chemical contaminants, such as dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, viruses, smoke, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that cause odors. The result is cleaner, healthier, fresh smelling indoor air!  One of the best ways to expand your HVAC services and increase your revenue is by offering unique air purification products that address common concerns.


  • Reduction in the risk of respiratory infections and allergies by eliminating airborne pathogens and allergens
  • Enhanced performance and efficiency of their HVAC system by reduction of the load on the filters and coils
  • Extended lifespan of their HVAC system by preventing dust and dirt buildup on the components
  • Lower energy costs due to improved airflow


  • Increased revenue by offering a value-added service that complements your HVAC installation and repair services
  • Differentiation from your competitors by improving the indoor air quality (IAQ) of a home
  • A solid customer base built on trust and loyalty by demonstrating your expertise and care for their health and comfort
  • Referrals and repeat business with satisfied customers who will recommend you to their friends and family

VIVE IAQ Duct Mount

VIVE™ Comfort offers a variety of water-resistant UV Air Purification devices, with magnetic mounting options for easy installation, that are effective against VOCs which are the source of nearly all bad smells. After just a few hours of operation, a VIVE™ Duct Mounted air treatment system significantly reduces the most common forms of indoor air pollution: cigarette / cigar / pipe smoke, pet odors, cooking smells, carpet, upholstery, and cleaning and disinfecting chemicals.

VIVE IAQ Magnetic Mount

A easy-to-install Magnetic Mount is ideal for package units or other applications where there is no access to ducts or when direct coil exposure is necessary.  They neutralize microbes as they pass by in the air stream significantly reducing the most common odors and VOCs, as well as viruses, mold, allergens, and bacteria.

Breathe easy knowing you can add value to your HVAC installation and repair services. Offer your customers a high-quality air purification system that improves indoor air quality and extends the life of their investment, while boosting your own business growth and reputation.

Author: East Coast Metal Distributors

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