Amana & Google Nest: Create A Hands-Free, Hassle-Free Home For Your Customers

Don’t miss out on this money-making opportunity. Contractors who bundle smart home products with Amana brand system purchases stand to make more per job.

The Amana brand has a rich history of creating hassle-free living environments for its customers. Whether it be creating appliances that changed the American household or creating modern, state-of-the-art HVAC systems that pair well with smart home products – the comfort of Amana customers always comes first.

That’s why Amana brand equipment makes a perfect match with Google Nest smart home products. Google Nest smart home products are designed to create a hands-free, helpful home for customers using voice-activated devices to control thermostats, appliances, security products, and lighting.

Contractors who bundle smart home products with Amana brand system purchases stand to make more per job. Demand for smart home options is growing, and customers are continually asking for smarter solutions to save on utility bills and make their busy lives a little easier to manage.

Compatibility is not an issue as most smart home products, specifically thermostats, are designed to work with most 24V systems, even older systems. They work with all common fuel types including natural gas, oil, and electricity.

Nest Compatibility Checker

This tool will help you determine if a Nest Thermostat is compatible with your customer's HVAC system.


Let’s talk about the reasons why offering smart home products to your customers is a no-brainer decision:

  • Installation can be done year-round and is a great way to build steady business throughout the year. You’ve got a prime opportunity to bundle products like smart thermostats with other smart home devices such as smoke detectors, temperature sensors, cameras, front door products, and more. And, the great thing is that no matter how hot or cold it is outside, you can maintain a full-service schedule.

Pro Tip: Promote smart home installation while you’re visiting with customers who signed up for your annual service agreements. Because they’re already doing business with you, this is a prime opportunity for you to upsell them on smart home products.

  • There is a growing demand for smart home automation – specifically, energy-efficient devices such as thermostats and smart sensors. Customers are now expecting their HVAC contractor of choice to offer a wider variety of smart home products to suit their needs – products ranging from security to entertainment to indoor comfort. And, demand is not age-specific. Coldwell Banker reports that over 50 percent of baby boomers and Gen Xers, and 61 percent of millennials want smart home products in their home.

Pro Tip: Smart home thermostats, such as the Google Nest Learning Thermostat or the Google Nest E Thermostat, are great entry points for persuading customers to make the shift to smart home automation.

  • Customers want someone to professionally install these products. Many smart home shoppers do not feel confident about installing the products themselves. These customers would much rather pay a professional to install so they can know it was done correctly.

Pro Tip: Customers rely on your professional expertise when making purchasing decisions. When you’re talking to your customers about smart home installation services, be sure to let them know that improper installation of HVAC equipment can reduce energy efficiency by over 30 percent. This loss in energy efficiency would outweigh the energy-saving benefits of a smart thermostat as part of their smart home upgrade

Smart thermostats and HVAC home automation are the future, and contractors who get on board now can stay ahead of their competitors in the long run. To learn more or to shop our smart home product offering, visit the ECMD website, or speak with your salesperson.

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