Series: Learn How To Use The Website Like A Pro – Tip #9 Managing Users

Once you have an online account set up with East Coast Metal Distributors you can add and manage users right from your dashboard. This allows you to add technicians, sales people, and office staff so they can place orders, check pricing, pay invoices and more.

First, let’s talk about User Roles. Each user will need to be assigned a role that will determine what they have access to.

Admin – The Admin has full control of the account and is the only person that can add and manage users. This is usually the owner or manager of the company. The Admin is set when your online account is created.

Company Manager – The Company Manager has full access to the account with the exception of adding and managing users. Managers can order, view pricing and invoices.

Company Buyer – The Company Buyer role allows you to “cherry pick” what your employee can view and do.

User Settings for Company Buyer:

    • Pricing – Choose to allow or restrict pricing from showing up on their account.
    • Order Templates – Choose to allow your customer to edit or create order templates.
    • Billtrust – Restrict or allow access to our invoicing system.
    • Permissions – Set your user up so that they must submit an approval to an admin or manager before submitting an order. You can even create a dollar cap on orders.

How to Manage Users:

Click on Manage Users in the menu of your Dashboard

Click on add New User

Add User Information, Role, Settings, Permissions, and click Add User at the bottom of the page.

User Upkeep and Maintenance

You can always delete and change the permissions of a user once they are added. It’s important to make sure your user list is current as employees change roles or leave the company.

Still have questions? Contact your local salesperson or branch for additional assistance. 

Author: East Coast Metal Distributors

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