Series: Learn How To Use The Website Like A Pro – Tip #10 Preferred Store

Once your online account is set up, it’s important to set your preferred storeThis will ensure that each time you place an order, your product will come from your local ECMD branch. Setting your preferred store to your local branch is one way to ensure a seamless experience

How to set your preferred store: 

1) Select Preferred Store with the locator icon at the top of the webpage.  

2) If you know the branch you will be purchasing from you can type in the city. If you do not you can type in your zip code and the closest branch to your zip code will appear.  

3) Once you have found the store select “Make Preferred Store.” This will ensure that each time you login your orders will be ordered from the correct branch 

 What if you shop from multiple branches or the branch you shop from does not have something in stock? No problem! You can change your store at any time. 

How to change your store for one time use:   

1) Select Preferred store with the locator icon at the top of the webpage. 

2) Type in the zip code or city you are looking to purchase from. 

3) Once you have found the store you are looking to buy from click “Select Store”  

This store will only be your store for this transaction. Once you have made your purchase, logged out and back in your preferred store will be back to the original setting.  

 Still have questions? Contact your local salesperson or branch for additional assistance. 

Author: East Coast Metal Distributors

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