Series: Learn How To Use Our Website Like A Pro – Tip #6 View & Download Spec Sheets

East Coast Metal Distributors provides tools that you need to successfully complete a job. Start viewing and downloading specification sheets like a pro today! View and download specification, installation, warranty documents, consumer literature, and parts lists straight from our website or mobile app.

How to find Documentation or Specs online:

Step 1: Search and click on the the product that you need at

Step 2: Once you are on ANY product page you can scroll down to the tab section located at the bottom of the page. Select the Documentation or Specifications tab, depending on what you are looking for.

Our Specifications tab allows you to view the attributes of a specific product. Listed attributes include size, weight, stage, seer, and more. Our product information team provides this data to ensure the product you are purchasing is right for your customer.

Our documentation tab provides a clear outline of performance and instruction for you and your team. These documents provide valuable information that can help ensure that you uphold the highest level of workmanship and customer satisfaction for every job. View and download installation instructions, consumer literature, submittal sheets, specification sheets, and warranty documents straight from our website.

Want to learn more? Contact your local salesperson/branch OR you can contact us directly here.