Nov 19 2018 Website Updates – Checkout Enhancements

Between November 13 and 19 we made a few website updates to improve usability and performance.

Highlights for Website Updates

  1. Updated our Checkout process with a focus on performance and usability (Nov 19).
  2. Display Pending Orders only in the Order Approval section (Nov 13).
  3. Fixed an issue where the selected branch did not update when using the branch selector in Checkout (Nov 13).

Details for Website Updates

Number of Enhancements to Checkout

Enhancement: Based on feedback, we have made a number of changes to our Shopping Cart and Checkout pages all focused on the overall speed of these pages. Our goal was to make the checkout process simpler and faster.

Shopping Cart

Previously our Shopping Cart page calculated sales tax and shipping / freight rates for each product that was added to the cart. We removed these calculations because they are not necessary at this point in the order. By removing these calculations this page performs faster than before.

We also made a minor change to our drop-down Mini Cart’s Subtotal section. We had received feedback that the previous design was confusing because it looked like the buttons below. So, we updated the design to minimize this confusion.

new messages in checkout

We have added messages to communicate what is occurring when proceeding through our Checkout process.

Setting Up Delivery Methods

When first entering the Checkout process we choose the available delivery methods based on the products being purchased and customer information.

Setting Up Payment Methods

After setting up the available delivery methods, we then have to set up the available payment methods based on customer information.

Calculating Freight Charges

If you request to have your products delivered by Freight or UPS, you will receive a message communicating that we are calculating the appropriate charges when these Delivery Type is selected.

Delivery Types and Delivery Methods

We have split up the “ECMD Truck” and “Freight or UPS” Delivery Types (see screenshot below). Previously, whenever you wanted an order to be delivered by ECMD Truck, the Checkout process also did a freight calculation, which was unnecessary.  Now, freight will not be calculated except when an order is to be delivered by Freight or UPS, improving performance.

In addition, when choosing the “Pickup at Branch” or “ECMD Truck” Delivery Type, the Checkout process will also automatically select the appropriate Delivery Method, reducing the number of clicks to complete Checkout. Previously, you also had to select the Delivery Method.

Review Order

We have added a new “Review Order” button after Step 4. Clicking this button will prepare the order for submission, verify the inventory, and calculate any applicable taxes.

Previously, tax was calculated multiple times during the Checkout process which caused delays in completing the order. By adding this new “Review Order” button, we are ensuring that calculating tax occurs only one time during Checkout, at the end, making the process more efficient.

After clicking the “Review Order” button you will see the following message.

Submit Order

Once the inventory is verified and tax is calculated, you can review the order one last time and then click the “Submit Order” button.

Display Pending Orders Only in the Pending Order Approval Section in Online Account

Enhancement: Previously, all orders purchased by a Company Buyer that required an approval, were displayed in this section. The list of orders could be long. Now we only show “Pending for Approval” orders in this section allowing Company Admins or Company Managers to more easily and quickly find the correct order to approve.

Branch Selector in Checkout Does Not Update Selected Branch in Header

Issue: If you changed the selected branch for an order during the Checkout process, the displayed selected branch in the website header did not update to reflect the newly selected branch.

Fix: When changing the selected branch during checkout, the displayed selected branch in the header also changes to reflect the correct branch.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding these website updates, or the website in general, we would love to hear from you.

Visit our CONTACT US form on our website to provide us with your comments or feedback.

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